The New Energy Forum helps leading organisations to stay ‘ahead of the game’ through enhanced strategic decision making and identification of new opportunities across the energy landscape. Our partners have found the Forum invaluable in optimising their competitive position in this challenging sector, and have benefitted from:

  • Advanced awareness of new areas for business development, delivering competitive advantage in the complex energy field
  • Enhanced and accelerated learning to build, extend and complement each member’s existing in-house expertise
  • Exposure to a broad range of views and perspectives on new energy from senior strategists across other global organisations
  • Opportunities to link with potential new clients, partners and other collaborators
  • Top quality, targeted networking opportunities at every Roundtable
  • Exclusive access to our back catalogue of presentations and comprehensive reports from current and past Roundtables, including substantial signposting and background information, main contacts and sources relevant to each topic

The programme of the Forum is specifically tailored to enable partners to achieve individual goals which would not otherwise be possible acting in isolation. A rapidly evolving energy landscape brings both challenges and opportunities; it is those who best understand the key trends and their implications who will gain real competitive advantage. In the New Energy Forum we explore the key developments which will shape the New Energy landscape, helping participants to understand who / what the winners and losers will be, when the key milestones will occur and where to be best positioned to reap the greatest benefit.

View our Forum Topics page for more information on what we cover at our Roundtables.

Organisations we’ve worked with:

  • BP

    "We use the New Energy Forum to originate venturing opportunities, and to add to market analysis for potential investments."

  • BNFL

    "Meeting Forum members again and again allowed discussions to take place at a much better level. This was extremely useful."

  • Advantica

    "Participation in the group has enabled us to become more informed about new applications."

  • Irish Electricity Supply Board

    "Through participation in the Forum, we are better able to evaluate threats and opportunities."

  • Health & Safety LaboratoryHealth & Safety Laboratory

    "We value the wider energy perspective that membership of the Forum provides, helping us focus our foresight and commercial activities."

  • Balfour Beatty

    "The New Energy Forum helps us validate & extend our foresight & landscape scanning activities and keep up to date with wider trends."

… New Energy Forum Roundtable ‘Digital innovation: transforming the energy sector’, July 2020 …
… New Energy Forum Roundtable ‘The Role of Hydrogen in the Future Energy Mix’ , September 2020 …