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Hydrogen Markets and the Energy Transition, 23rd February 2022

  • The vision for hydrogen fuelled transport for the UK
  • The future evolution of hydrogen for heat
  • Decarbonising industrial clusters through hydrogen

Energy Policies towards Net Zero: Impacts and Consequences, 11th January 2022

  • UK net zero policy, now and post 2030
  • Net zero policies driving investment: how to scale negative emissions
  • Energy security in the net zero era
  • Lessons from abroad

Electrification of Transport, 25th November 2021

  • The likely roll-out and timeline
  • Business models for the industry
  • Electrification of heavy transport
  • Delivering EV infrastructure

The evolving UK energy infrastructure, 11th October 2021

  • Energy infrastructure strategy towards net zero
  • The UK electricity system infrastructure: adapting to net zero
  • The role of interconnectors in the energy transition
  • The greening of the gas network

Hydrogen Production: Options, Trends and the Role for Policy, 9th September 2021

  • Deployment timelines and steps along the way
  • The Hydrogen Production business case
  • Mini – Perspectives

Big Data and digitalisation in the energy sector, 13th July 2021

  • Transforming renewable energy with Big Data insights
  • The role of AI in reaching net zero
  • The use of Big Data analytics in demand-side management and energy efficiency
  • Smart networks and the energy transition

Energy storage: facilitating the transition to net zero, 9th June 2021

  • New storage developments and their implications
  • Next steps for batteries
  • Hydrogen for energy storage
  • Fuel cells for large scale power generation

Future trajectories for large scale energy generation, 29 April 2021

  • The changing face of large scale power generation
  • A mini perspective: natural gas, energy system services and net zero
  • Nuclear power in the UK energy mix
  • Fuel cells for large scale power generation

Renewables and the Road Ahead, 25 March 2021

  • Market trends and policy priorities for renewable energy growth
  • PV – Working towards subsidy free and wider developments
  • Opportunities in low flow tidal stream energy
  • Next steps for offshore wind

Carbon finance for net zero, 23 February 2021

  • Financing the low carbon transition
  • The new UK emissions trading scheme
  • Carbon policy: effects, opportunities and challenges
  • The role of carbon off-setting in the journey to Net zero

Energy in a Post-COVID World, 13 January 2021 

  • Decarbonising the energy sector in the 2020s – where are we now?
  • How energy policy has responded and is responding to the pandemic
  • Which skills are needed to enable green recovery?
  • How the energy industry has responded and is responding to the pandemic

What does Vehicle to Grid mean for the UK?, 26 November 2020 

  • Growth trends for V2G: barriers and opportunities, Cenex
  • Convergence between transport and power, National Grid
  • Lessons from abroad, SPRU, University of Sussex

The transition to clean heat, 15 October 2020 

  • The evolving clean heat mix in the UK, Worcester Bosch
  • Next steps for heat pumps, Infinitas Design
  • The role of district heating in the UK, The UK District Energy Vanguards Network
  • Current and future trends on CHP, COGEN Europe

The role of hydrogen in the energy mix, 9 September 2020 

  • Hydrogen as an interseason energy storage, RenewableUK
  • Hydrogen in the gas network, Cadent Gas
  • Hydrogen market development in the UK, Aurora Energy Research
  • Hydrogen for transport, BOC

Digital innovation: transforming the energy sector, 7 July 2020 

  • How energy efficiency is evolving through data and digital, SMS plc
  • What does AI mean for the energy sector? UCL
  • Enabling secure energy digitalisation, IBM

Energy Policy: opportunities and challenges, now and into the future, 4 June 2020 

  • Policies towards Net zero, Element Energy
  • Lessons from abroad, Regulatory Assistance Project
  • Opportunities for business, JRP Solutions

Delivering resilience, 29 April 2020 

  • The changing role of energy resilience, Kiwi power
  • The evolution of smart solutions and how they can support the energy transition, Upside Energy
  • The role of renewables within a resilient energy system, Origami Energy

Distributed energy assets, 4 March 2020 

  • The Future Generation Mix, Scottish Government
  • Evolving funding steams, Inspired Energy
  • Mini perspectives on “Future directions for distributed energy assets”, with contributions from ABB, CEPA and Addleshaw Goddard LLP

The future of the energy company, 16 January 2020 

  • New entrants motivations, strengths and activities, Delta-ee
  • Evolving drivers and directions, UTS/The Schumacher Institute
  • How new players can work together, KPMG

Renewables, where next? 27 November 2019

  • European Perspectives (including leading countries and their approaches), EREF
  • Case study: The prospects for tidal energy, Minesto
  • Mini Perspectives on “Renewables, where next?”, with contributions from EBRD, Buro Happold, Energy Systems Catapult and Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP

The UK Energy Outlook, 23 October 2019

  • Models and how they can help us prepare for the future, UCL
  • The role of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the energy transition, UK Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
  • Mini Perspectives on “The UK Energy Outlook”, with contributions from NIBC Bank, Centrica Business Solutions and Cambridge Econometrics

New business and technology horizons for energy storage, 12 September 2019

  • Grid scale energy storage – The missing link, WSP
  • Where value lies, Aurora Energy
  • Innovations in energy storage, Imperial College London

Delivering flexibility across local networks and microgrids, 26 June 2019

  • Achieving flexibility with microgrids, Schneider Electric
  • Distributed Energy Management Systems and their role in future networks, ABB
  • Virtual Power Plants: Status and Prospects, Ecotricity

Decarbonisation of heat, 16 May 2019

  • The role of hydrogen in decarbonising heat, Committee on Climate Change
  • Heat networks / District Heating in the UK: Opportunities and challenges and lessons from abroad, Energy Systems Catapult
  • Decarbonisation of Heat, Uniper
  • Options and pathways for delivering low carbon heat, Imperial College London

Building a smart energy system – and the role for data, 27 March 2019

  • Key trends for smart energy: future developments and implications, WSP
  • The role for data in the evolving energy businesses, DNV GL
  • How can Internet of things transform the energy industry, GE Power

E-Mobility: Value pools, ownership patterns and future infrastructure, 20 February 2019

  • Electric Vehicle Governance Framework, Managing the Transition towards EVs and CAV, Gemserv
  • The evolving charging infrastructure and developments, Vattenfall
  • Future penetration of E-mobility to the UK market, Baringa

Energy as a service: evolving markets and opportunities, 16 January 2019

  • Energy as a Service: Revenue streams for businesses, Gemserv
  • How Energy as A Service can enable solar power, Lightsource BP
  • The future of Energy Services: A Utility Perspective, Good Energy

Gas: future sources, role and impact, 29 November 2018

  • Options for a low carbon gas grid, Wales & West Utilities
  • Shale gas: growth potential and factors affecting future development, Igas
  • Carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) – its role in decarbonising the gas grid, Equinor

Future Trends in Transport, 17 October 2018

  • Market trends in Road Transport, Advanced Propulsion Centre
  • Policy Directions in Road Transport
  • Smart Mobility and the Electricity Network, Deloitte
  • Alternative Fuels in Non-Road Applications

Delivering the energy transition, 12 September 2018

  • The diversification of oil majors and their role in the energy transition, Shell
  • Shaping the UK energy mix: the future outlook for policy, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
  • Private funding for energy developments – an investors perspective, Foresight Group

Optimising Renewables: Adding value by combining renewable generation and storage, 19 June 2018

  • Coupling renewables with behind the meter energy storage, Kiwi Power
  • Utility scale energy storage for large scale renewable generation, redT
  • Renewables and Vehicle-to-Grid: Using EVs for energy storage, A.T. Kearney

Network innovations: new and future developments to balance the electricity grid, 9 May 2018

  • Future role for DNOs and DSOs, Energy Networks Association
  • Practicalities of operating distributed networks and services, Western Power Distribution
  • Balancing the Electricity grid including the role for ESCOs, Vital Energi

IoT and energy efficiency: synergies and opportunities to transform the energy sector, 22 March 2018

  • The potential for energy efficiency: increased carbon and financial benefits, RAP
  • Enabling energy efficiency through IoT, Energy Intelligent Solutions
  • How can blockchain generate energy savings?, Verv Energy

Heat: future directions and associated opportunities, February 2018

  • The likely future mix of fuels for low carbon heating, ERP
  • Emerging innovations , Worcester Bosch
  • Trends in low carbon cooling , Carbon Trust.

EVs: Paving the way for transport electrification and the evolving business models for charging infrastructure, January 2018

  • Prospects for EVs: market trends and growth, Nissan
  • Practical Aspects and Business Models for Charging Infrastructure, Pod Point
  • Gearing the grid up for EV integration , Western Power Distribution and EA Technology

Evolving markets for hydrogen, December 2017

  • Market trends for ULEVs: FCEVs, EVs and beyond, UCL
  • Hydrogen production options: ‘green’ (electrolyser based) versus ‘brown’ (SMR based) and factors affecting future development, Element Energy
  • The business case for Hydrogen, Shell

Energy Storage: Innovation, Market Update and Forward Look, November 2017

  • Small scale energy storage: opportunities and trends, Powervault
  • Mid scale energy storage: the role for a gravitational solution, Gravitricity
  • Grid scale energy storage: status and growth, Highview Power

Local energy networks: defining opportunities in a changing grid marketplace, September 2017

  • Future business models and ownership patterns, Cornwall Insight
  • The future role for aggregators and DNOs, Origami Energy
  • Future Power System Architecture, Energy Systems Catapult
    Options for balancing supply and demand, National Grid

Future Directions for UK Policy, July 2017

  • National energy models: fit for purpose? Energy Technologies Institute
  • Financing Options and Taxation – key instruments, their intended and unintended impacts, and options going forward, Baringa
  • Shaping UK Energy Policy – trends for the energy mix, key developments and the impact of BREXIT, Committee on Climate Change

Prospects for CHP, May 2017

  • CHP developments and trends across Europe, COGEN Europe
  • Future opportunities for CHP: Latest innovations, solutions and integration, Baxi Heating
  • Fuel cell CHP: Technological advances and opportunities for deployment, FCES

Key digital trends: enabling energy evolution, April 2017

  • European developments and lessons, Eurelectric
  • Emerging business models, Delta EE
  • Transactive Energy: how blockchain can place customers at the heart of the energy industry, Navigant

EVs and the evolving grid: flexibility and interoperability, Mar 2017

  • Electricity Storage: the role for EVs, Innovate UK
  • Latest trends in EVs: Current status and future growth, McKinsey
  • EVs and grid capacity, EA Technology

The role for hydrogen in a future connected energy system, Jan 2017

  • Grid balancing: hydrogen as a solution, ITM Power
  • Hydrogen as an energy vector and heat solution: addressing key policy challenges, Northern Gas Networks
  • Hydrogen through Ammonia, University of Cardiff and Siemens

Energy economics: new value streams and opportunities for cost reduction, November 2016

  • Critical elements for energy applications, Lipmann Walton & Co
  • The future of UK bioenergy: technologies and challenges, E4Tech
  • Getting value out of Carbon: CO2 utilization, Sheffield University

Batteries and their role in energy system transformation: grid balancing, transport and materials innovation, October 2016

  • Grid Scale Batteries: Status and Prospects, Everoze
  • Batwind Project: Drivers and Opportunities, Statoil
  • EV batteries as distributed mobile storage system: a challenge and an opportunity for the grid, Enel
  • Developments in battery material science: overview and key trends, Sharp Energy
  • Storage Battery Safety Update, HSL

Future Energy Pathways: Modelling, Convergence and the Role of Policy, 7 September 2016

  • Electrification and convergence between heat, power and transport: implications and opportunities, Energy UK
  • Future energy trends: Brexit, models and beyond, E3G
  • Evolving energy policy frameworks: critique and lessons, Hogan Lovells

Nuclear Power: latest developments, advances in processes and the role for small modular reactors, July 2016

  • Nuclear power in the UK: opportunities and challenges, Nuclear Industry Association
  • Advances in Nuclear Power processes: innovations and barriers, National Nuclear Laboratory
  • Small Modular Reactors: potential for the UK, Rolls Royce

Connected energy: buildings, cities and beyond, May 2016

  • Low carbon buildings: Innovations, energy efficiency and interconnection, Sustainable Homes
  • Innovation through collaboration, standards and best practice for smart cities, Flexeye
  • Smart energy innovation: integration and incentivisation, Moixa
  • The role of interconnection in a decarbonised grid, Frontier Economics

Demand Side Management: what role in the evolving energy landscape? April 2016

  • Demand Response from a system perspective, National Grid
  • Demand Response potential across the UK and Europe, REstore
  • Commercial opportunities for large energy users involved in demand response across Europe, INOVYN

Optimising industrial and commercial heat management, February 2016

  • Industrial and Commercial heat: options for optimisation and opportunities for waste heat recovery, Element Energy
  • Recovering industrial heat: the benefits of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) Technology, DRD Power
  • Thermal management of industrial processes and the role for heat storage, Newcastle University

Distributed generation: New business models, financing trends and commercial drivers, January 2016

  • New business models for distributed generation, University of Cambridge
  • Funding for distributed generation, European Investment Bank
  • Commercial drivers for the forthcoming technology mix in distributed generation, World Alliance for Decentralized Energy (WADE)

Energy Storage – opportunities and challenges, December 2015

  • Energy storage across Europe – status and prospects, McKinsey
  • The role of Policy in shaping uptake of Energy Storage across Europe, WIP – Renewable Energies
  • Accelerating Renewables: Energy Storage Strategies as an Enabler? Active Power
  • HSE Energy Storage Shared Research Programme, HSE

Global mega trends and their implications for energy, October 2015

  • Mega trends and their implications for energy, PwC
  • Population and economic growth with reducing energy consumption: attempting the impossible? University of Leeds / UKERC
  • Urbanisation and its effect on energy, Siemens

Developments in the pipeline for oil and gas, September 2015

  • UK oil and gas trends and their implications, Centrica
  • Shale gas – Future UK prospects, British Geological Survey
  • Hydrogen: a solution to integrate more renewables in the future oil, power and gas markets, Hydrogenics

Future Energy Systems: Fit for purpose? July 2015

  • Moving to a low carbon energy system: challenges and choices, UKERC
  • Future energy systems and integration with Europe, Energy Intensive Users Group/EEF
  • Recent progress in reducing emissions and priorities for the new Parliament, Committee on Climate Change

Opportunities for heat: Innovations in generation, management and recovery, 20 May 2015

  • An overview of heat demand and low carbon heat technologies suitable for large scale deployment, Imperial College
  • The electrification of heat: What is the role of heat pumps and hybrid heat pumps? Delta-EE
  • Exploring smart solutions and technologies for heat management of commercial buildings, ista

Hydrogen for transport: Opportunities and Pathways to 2020 and beyond, April 2015

  • Fuel cells and transportation: black swans or white doves? 4th Energy Wave
  • Hydrogen fuelling infrastructure roll-out, Air Products
  • Progress in fuel cell and hydrogen vehicles, Hyundai

Optimising the value from digital energy, February 2015

  • Intelligent Network Management, including insights from the Thames Valley Vision LCNF Project, SSE Power Distribution
  • Improving asset performance through specialist monitoring, Nortech
  • The UK’s largest Active Network Management System – Grand Unified Scheme at Northern Power Grid, Siemens

The energy / water interface: synergies, opportunities and challenges, January 2015

  • Overview of the energy / water interface: Interconnection and Interdependence, University of Cambridge
  • Status of and prospects for energy recovery in the water industry: Thames Water perspective, Thames Water
  • Future trends for heat recovery and water reuse, Sharc Energy
  • Investment opportunities at the energy / water nexus, E4tech

Exploring New Opportunities for Power Generation from Biomass and Waste, November 2014

  • Biomass Energy Generation: Lessons Learned from Scandinavia, Ramboll
  • Using Pyrolysis and Gasification Techniques to Provide Power to the Grid, NEAT Technology Group
  • Status of and Prospects for Power Generation via Gasification, Energos
  • Opportunities and Risks for Bio-Energy and Waste – A Lenders Perspective, Green Investment Bank

Optimising the future distribution network: strategies and options, October 2014

  • Innovation at the local grid level: Low Carbon London and Future Plug and Play projects, UK Power Networks
  • EV recharging infrastructure growth, ABB
  • Demand response options, OpenEnergi
  • The London Infrastructure Plan: energy update, Greater London Authority

Energy Storage – Evaluating the Options, September 2014

  • Energy Storage – Latest developments in response to an evolving energy landscape, EA Technology Consulting
  • Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) energy storage: status and prospects, REDT
  • Graphene: a revolution for energy storage? National Graphene Institute
  • Opportunities and challenges for Compressed Air Energy (CAES) in low-cost bulk energy storage, Storelectric

Fuel Cells and Hydrogen: New opportunities across the energy landscape, 17th July 2014

  • Prospects for power to gas and methanation, ITM Power
  • Large scale distributed generation using high temperature fuel cells: medium and longer term options, University of St Andrews
  • Clean, flexible power generation using Hydrogen storage, ETI
  • Preparing for a Hydrogen economy, Health & Safety Laboratory

Energy infrastructure and grid evolution, June 2014

  • Decarbonisation and the System Operator, National Grid
  • The role of policies in stabilising and incentivising the deployment of the future grid, Ofgem
  • New concepts in existing power generation technologies, Pratt & Whitney Power Systems
  • Developing Smart Grid solutions in the UK, IBM

Innovation and commercialisation: Lessons for new energy, April 2014

  • Financing commercialisation and innovation, Angel Capital Group and UK Business Angels Association
  • Investment trends and options: a specialist investor perspective, WHEB
  • Corporate vs University commercialisation strategies, Cambridge Entreprise

CHP: sustainable, efficient, cost-effective? March 2014

  • CHP in the UK: Consumer-focused energy, CHPA
  • CHP: Opportunities, Challenges and Market Potential, Vital Energi
  • A fuel provider’s perspective, LC Energy

Advances in solar PV and CSP, January 2014

  • Overview of European Solar PV markets and trends, European Photovoltaic Industry Association
  • The future of renewable energy systems in power generation: a utility perspective, Enel
  • On-Sun: a breakthrough innovation for photovoltaics, On-Sun
  • The Growth of Concentrated Solar Power, Acciona Energia

Creating a resilient low carbon energy system, December 2013

  • Resilient low carbon energy: an overview, UKERC
  • Energy policy and energy finance: friends or foes? Low Carbon Finance Group
  • Opportunities and risks in low carbon energy investment, Societe Generale
  • The role of demand management in low carbon energy systems, KiWi Power

Geo-engineering without the hype, October 2013

  • Keynote presentation: Cimate Geo-engineering, University of Oxford
  • Panel discussion with panelists:
    • Prof Tim Lenton, University of Exeter
    • Prof Brian Launder, Manchester University
    • Prof Nick Pidgeon, Cardiff University
    • Dr Naomi Vaughan, University of East Anglia
    • Dr Matt Watson, University of Bristol

Advanced materials: opportunities for energy, September 2013

  • Advanced materials and energy: an overview, Materials KTN
  • Smart materials and lightweight structures for wind turbine blades, ACCIS Bristol
  • Advanced multifunctional coatings: commercial potential, SINTEF
  • Materials for energy: challenges and opportunities, Granta Design

Biofuels, where next? July 2013

  • Biofuels: feedstocks and conversion technology overview, Ricardo-AEA
  • UPS: perspective and experience of biofuels, UPS
  • Biofuels policy update, REA

Leveraging energy use reduction and creativity: behavioural change for market leadership, June 2013

  • Innovative engagement strategies for Commercial success, Commercial Group
  • Managed discussion session, chaired by Synnogy
  • Leading behavioural change: industry lessons, Global Action Plan

New directions and future innovation for energy, April 2013

  • The future of the energy system, University of Sussex
  • Innovation in distribution – case studies, Western Power Distribution
  • Scottish Power Energy Networks: Innovation Overview, Scottish Power Energy Networks
  • National Grid: developing for the future, National Grid

Carbon capture technology: innovation and risk, March 2013

  • Innovations and challenges in CCS technology: an overview, APGTF
  • A utility perspective: current and future activities in CCS, SSE
  • A technology provider perspective: progressing CCS to the next generation, Calix Ltd
  • A future perspective: technology trends and key developments, Cranfield University

The water-energy interface, February 2013

  • Water Industry innovation, Yorkshire Water
  • Global innovation in the water industry, Isle Utilities
  • The stimulation of innovation: The UK water sector in its global policy context, Envisager
  • Water scarcity & risk: a discussion, Environment Agency

Cutting costs in offshore wind, January 2013

  • Offshore wind cost reduction, The Crown Estate
  • The UK’s renewable energy accelerator, Narec Capital
  • Innovation in offshore wind, RenewableUK
  • PowerPod: combining wind and wave, Trident Energy

The energy storage revolution, November 2012

  • Energy storage overview – delivering value to diverse stakeholders, Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), USA
  • The ‘supercapattery’: potential for energy storage, University of Nottingham
  • S&C: integrating energy storage into the grid, S&C Electric

Big data, smarter energy, October 2012

  • The big data opportunity, BAeSystems Detica
  • Big data, Green Button and consumer engagement, Tendril Inc
  • Big data: beyond the energy industry, Oracle

Global developments in fuel cells, September 2012

  • US and Canadian fuel cell companies: activity, development status and market prospects, Fuel Cell Today
  • Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems: technology and market update, Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems Limited
  • Ballard fuel cell applications, Ballard Power Systems

The evolving landscape for bio-derived gases, July 2012

  • The evolving landscape for bio-derived gases, Renewable Energy Association
  • Commercial opportunities for bio-derived gases: an investor’s view, Foresight Group
  • Gas vans at – an operator’s perspective,

The emerging world of ‘smart’ DC, May 2012

  • To DC or not to DC? Alternative power networks for the built environment, BRE
  • Smart DC power: the future? Moixa Energy
  • The potential for DC infrastructure in the Netherlands, Direct Current BV

New developments in geothermal energy, April 2012

  • The Renaissance of Deep Geothermal Energy in the UK, University of Newcastle
  • EGS Energy’s approach to geothermal energy, EGS Energy
  • Geothermal energy opportunities, SINTEF, Norway

Leading perspectives on ten key years, February 2012

  • Forecasting the future of energy: an overview to 2025, University College London
  • Opportunities and challenges in renewable energy investment, Triodos Bank
  • Commercial opportunities for low carbon energy, Tata Steel Europe

Biogas, biomethane and gas to grid, January 2012

  • Building a successful business case for biogas/biomethane grid injection, National Grid (gas distribution)
  • Biomethane to grid case studies, CNG Services Ltd
  • Biomass gasification: Key technology for renewable energy, Renewable Power Technologies Umwelttechnik (Guessing), Austria

New horizons for heat pumps? December 2011

  • Heat pumps – from here to the future, Heat Pump Association
  • New generation heat pump technology, NIBE Energy Systems
  • The One New Change heat pump: opportunities and practicalities, Land Securities including a tour of the facility

Shale gas: opportunities and controversies, October 2011

  • UK and European shale gas: resources, geology and environmental issues, British Geological Survey
  • Coastal Oil and Gas Ltd: Shale Gas and Other Unconventional Gas Resources Development, Market and Prospects, Coastal Oil & Gas
  • Shale gas issues – environment, energy, Greenpeace

EVs: lessons from abroad, September 2011

  • The Formula E Team and EVs in the Netherlands, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation
  • The Portuguese approach to EVs, INTELI
  • DC rapid charge solutions, Epyon Power / ABB

Making waves? Future marine power, June 2011

  • Update on Marine Energy in the UK, EMEC
  • Progress in marine energy, Carbon Trust
  • Marine energy foresighting and funding, Scottish Enterprise
  • DeltaStream development, Tidal Energy Ltd

New business models for hydrogen, May 2011

  • Fuel cell and hydrogen market briefing, Air Products
  • Hydrogen from CCS: commercial opportunities, AMEC
  • New business models for hydrogen, ITM Power

Connectivity – a real barrier to the UK’s low-carbon future? 6 April 2011

  • Distributed generation: ‘future proofing’ low carbon electricity networks, Green Alliance
  • Technology breakthroughs to support a low carbon grid, Siemens Energy
  • The low-carbon grid: assessing the impact and re-thinking current business models, Scottish European Green Energy Centre

A viable CCS industry – dream or reality? March 2011

  • CCS: challenges and opportunities, University of Edinburgh
  • The case for a commercial CCS industry, McKinsey & Co
  • Mobilising private sector finance for CCS, Ecofin Research Foundation
  • Offshore CCS and Sea Sequestor technology, Ocean Resource Ltd

Heat and Heat Recovery, January 2011

  • Overview of renewable and low carbon heat, CAMCO
  • Waste heat power generation, GE Heat Recovery Solutions
  • Cryogenic energy storage: harnessing waste heat, Highview Power

New Energy: The next 20 years, December 2010

  • Perspectives on the evolving energy landscape, UK Energy Research Centre (UKERC)
  • The evolving energy supply landscape, British Gas New Markets
  • Betting on science, Accenture

Smarter Buildings, October 2010

  • Smart meters and smarter buildings, opportunities for the future, Onzo
  • Successful energy demand reduction – a Europe-wide perspective, VaasaETT
  • Smarter Buildings for a Smarter Planet – IBM’s perspective, IBM

Energy from algae, September 2010

  • An overview of the use of algae for energy production, Newcastle University
  • The Algae Biofuels Challenge: progress update, Carbon Trust
  • Energy from macro and micro algae, BioMara

New nuclear build in the UK, July 2010

  • Overview of the draft Nuclear NPS and the GDA Process, National Nuclear Lab
  • Westinghouse AP 1000 and beyond, Westinghouse
  • UK university research into nuclear waste, University of Leeds
  • Springfields Fuels Ltd: Oxide Fabrication Complex (OFC) overview presentation and tour

The role of bioenergy in a low carbon future, June 2010

  • Power from biomass by pyrolysis and gasification, Bioenergy Research Group, Aston University
  • Future bioenergy routes in low carbon energy systems, E4tech
  • The role of bioenergy in a low carbon future, Land Energy
  • Bioenergy: an industrial perspective, Biomass Power Ltd

Future energy networks, April 2010

  • Integrating wind – network priorities for UK and Europe, National Grid
  • Overview and tour of the National Grid control room and operations
  • Decarbonisation roadmaps for the EU27 countries, Kema Consulting Europe
  • Electrification of Transport – Challenges and Opportunities, Ricardo

Future energy storage, March 2010

  • Energy storage, ITM Power
  • Emerging electricity storage technologies, Delta Energy & Environment
  • Mobile energy recovery and storage, Williams Hybrid Power

Biofuels – where next? January 2010

  • An overview of biofuels in the UK and the wider world, Imperial College London
  • Biofuels and renewable energy: a financial perspective, Schroders
  • Advanced bioenergy from ligno-cellulose and wastes, Ineos Bio


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